The United Republic of Tanzania
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Tax Revenue Appeals Tribunal (TRAT)

Frequently Asked Questions

YES, it is possible since Tribunal produced Tanzania Tax Law Reports 2002-2010 for easy reference for lawyers, tax authority, tax consultants, auditors, accounts, learning institutions and taxpayers at large. To get a copy you can communicate with the Registrar to the Tribunal.
If you are dissatisfied with the decision of the Tribunal you may appeal to the Court of Appeal of Tanzania.
A person filing an appeal is required to pay non-refundable fee of Tshs. 30,000 upon lodging notice of appeal, Tshs. 150,000 upon lodging statement of appeal, Tshs. 30,000 upon lodging statement in reply, Tshs. 30,000 upon lodging additional statement, Tshs. 40,000 for application for extension of t...
Within fourteen days (14) from the date on which the decision of the Board was made, one may lodge a notice of intention to appeal and within thirty days (30) from the date of service of the decision and proceeding of the Board may file a statement of appeal.
Any person who is aggrieved by the decision of the Board may appeal to the Tribunal.
Tax Revenue Appeals Tribunal (TRAT) is a quasi-judicial institution. Its core function is to hear and determine civil disputes arising from revenue laws administered by the Tanzania Revenue Authority.